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Building Queensland has just released its second Infrastructure Pipeline Report detailing the proposals it considers priorities for the state.


Building Queensland - new infrastructure priorities identified


Established as an independent statutory body in 2015, The Building Queensland’s second Infrastructure Pipeline Report, provides strategic advice on infrastructure matters and development.

Building Queensland also plays an integral part in delivering new construction jobs as described in the Pipeline report enables decision makers an insight into which projects to investigate further and which projects to fund. Read our last article about new construction jobs in Queensland.


Deputy Premier Jackie Trad welcomed the report and reinforced the government’s commitment to following the proper processes and ensuring infrastructure development is prioritised and handled properly.

Twenty priority infrastructure proposals have been identified in the latest edition of the report. These range from proposals at Strategic Business Case stage, right through to those ready for investment consideration by the government.


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The remaining 19 proposals are under development, with five projects previously identified in the first report securing a partial or full funding commitment.



One of the projects is the Cross River Rail development.

Key facts

  • 2km rail connection with an estimated cost of AUD $5.4bn
  • twin 5.9km tunnels featuring European Train Control System Level 2 (ETCS L2)
  • stations at 5 key locations
  • construction commencing in 2018 and fully operational by 2023


New infrastructure priorities identified in the Pipeline for further development include:

  • upgrades for the Port of Townsville
  • a new correctional precinct for Southern Queensland
  • road and dam upgrades




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“It is essential that we are investing in projects that will both sustain the construction industry and create a lasting legacy for local communities throughout the state,” said Deputy Premier Jackie Trad.


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