The 7 Billion Dollar Plan

Posted by Design & Construct on 2 Sep 2016, 22:45:32

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The Victorian government along with the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) has released draft plans to create a new vision for the city of Melbourne. The proposal includes the redevelopment of a 56-hectare urban renewal site to include a commercial and residential precinct.

The area in northern Melbourne will be developed gradually to retain the city's heritage and protect its industrial history. The precinct known as Arden in Northern Melbourne will also feature a new underground train station due to be open in 2026. The development project is expected to stimulate over $7 billion in investment and transform the area into a distinctive new central city destination.

By 2051                       

  • The urban renewal project is expected to create 34,000 new jobs.
  • The investment will ensure better connectivity and enable Melbourne to cope with population growth and increased capacity.
  • Arden is hoped to become a global knowledge hub that will significantly enhance Melbourne's economy.
  • Arden will feature green spaces, diverse housing and give priority to pedestrians and cyclists over cars.

The precinct around the new underground station will be a model for a future smart city, incorporating the latest in technology, sustainability and urban design. The Victorian government believes that the project will act as a catalyst in Melbourne's evolution and guarantee its place as a world-class capital city. The development will offer 15,000 residents the opportunity to live in a beautiful environment with access to jobs and transport, complimented by generous spaces for retail and recreation.

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