Top Three phone interview tips

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Many recruiters begin the selection process with a telephone interview, which at times can be an awkward process for both the recruiter and the candidate.

top three phone interview tips

As candidates, you may assume that a recruiter has taken time out to look at your impressive credentials and are just calling to have a chat about salary expectations and employee perks.


Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. It is more likely that they are calling to find out a little more about your character, motivations and work ethics. Also, recruiters might like to see how focused, determined and attentive you can be, for the role you are about to be screened for.


The art of telephone conversion may be old school, in comparison to communication via social media, but the truth is that recruiters and employers will still prefer you to be professional and this can be used to your advantage.


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The recruiter works in partnership with a company to find the most suitable person for their vacancy. If you were the employer, would you not expect the candidate to be waiting for your call?

Ask most recruiters, and they would love to have every candidate well prepared and primed for any interview situation.


The second interview could be a conference call directly with the employer and recruiter. Recruiters, can offer advice and coaching in this area and will be prepared to put the time in to find the best candidate for the client.


To get you started, we would like to offer 3 phone interview tips


1. Research

During a phone interview, a recruiter is primarily looking to see if you did your research; spend time and visit the corporate website of the company. Get a feel for what the company is about and how you would fit in if offered a role.

Take notes and make a list of questions that focus on the business. You may even want to look up the person who will conduct the interview via the social media platforms.


The recruiter may not be the person who has the final word on getting you the job, but they will make an informed decision on your suitability and advocate for you.




2. Prepare your information and environment

A good recruiter will schedule a call in advance, giving you time to make preparations and read some recruitment company interview phone tips. Make sure you record the recruiter's number, so you will recognise and pick up!

Be ready 20 minutes before the call, get comfortable and minimise background noise. 


Ensure that you have your questions and potential answers planned, including an up to date CV. Nervous? Have a glass of water to hand. Make your space feel like your personal office, be professional, wear a tie if it helps you focus.

Remember you are receiving the phone interview and are in control.



Do you have what is takes?
We are looking for candidates currently in Australia in the Architecture, Construction and Engineering industries.

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3. Ask and respond to questions

Think outside the box and ask questions that cannot be answered by just looking at the employers about us page. Questions should focus on the company, culture and role responsibilities.


Ask questions such as:

  • Can you tell me more about the day-to-day aspects of the job?
  • What are the biggest opportunities and obstacles facing the company right now?
  • What did the last person in this position go on to do?
  • What were they like? Do we have similar personality traits, skills, and experience?

Every role and company is different, so do your research

Listen and don’t dictate the conversation, articulate questions fully and don't forget to remain humble about your experience or qualifications. You want to offer value but also not boast about achievements. Remember the recruiter will sell you as a person to the company and not exaggerate your skills and abilities.


Preparation is crucial with any interview questions. Be ready to answer general questions such as:

  • Why do you want this role?
  • What do you think your duties and challenges will be in this position?
  • Did you solve a long-standing problem by looking at it in a new way?
  • What can you contribute to company culture?
  • What’s one of your greatest accomplishments?


Remember, the telephone interview is part of a long process, and the aim is to eliminate unsuitable candidates quickly. Companies don’t just hire candidates for their skills, qualifications, and experience, but also on personality, enthusiasm, and interest.

To give your pitch the edge and maximise your chances, preparation is the key.
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