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More than 42,300 employers in 43 countries participated in this year’s 11th annual Talent Shortage Survey by the Manpower Group. In Australia, 38% of the firms surveyed revealed that they had difficulty in filling vacancies due to talent shortages.

However, this is not just the case in Australia; the report found that in 2016, 40% of employers globally also stated that they are having difficulty filling positions.


Topjobs |The main difficulties employers face in finding talent:


  • available applicants
  • technical proficiencies
  • experience
  • looking for more pay than is offered
  • workplace skills 


The top 10 jobs in demand reported by the Manpower Group are:


  1. Skilled trades - electricians, carpenters, welders, bricklayers, plasterers, plumbers, masons
  2. Engineers - mechanical, electrical and civil engineers
  3. Management - senior and board level managers
  4. Sales - sales executives, advisors and retail sales
  5. IT Personnel - developers, programmers, administrators and IT managers
  6. Accounting & finance staff - bookkeepers, accountants and financial analysts
  7. Doctors and other non-nursing health professionals
  8. Technicians - production, operations or maintenance technicians
  9. Secretaries - PAs, receptionists, administrative assistants & Office support staff
  10. Drivers - truck, lorry, heavy goods, delivery, heavy equipment and construction drivers



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