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Posted by Design & Construct on 15 May 2017, 09:33:49

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In the latest budget, the Australian Government has committed to funding the construction, engineering and contracting sectors by AUD $75 billion dollars, to finance infrastructure building over the next five years.


New Energy Jobs


The funding and financing for critical air, road and rail projects is hoped to guarantee jobs and enable greater connectivity throughout the country. 

The government hopes to transform Australia's passenger and freight networks to meet its growing transport needs and improve national productivity. The long-term investment includes the AUD $10 billion National Rail Program for urban and regional passenger rail projects and an AUD $8.4 billion project to build the Melbourne to Brisbane Inland Rail.

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Additional commitments to rail in the 2017–18 Budget:

  • AUD $500 million to upgrade regional rail networks in Victoria
  • AUD $792 million for Perth Metronet
  • AUD $30 million towards development of a business case for Melbourne Airport Rail Link
  • AUD $20.2 million for Murray Basin Rail building
  • AUD $20 million to progress business cases for faster rail connections


The Inland Rail project will not only drive national productivity, but it will reduce travel times and the number of trucks on the roads. The project is also expected to sustain thousands of trades, with up to 16,000 new jobs to be supported at the peak of construction. Find out more about Design & Construct Construction Jobs. 




Other winners in the 2017–18 Budget

The Australian Government is also investing in a new program to provide affordable and reliable gas for all, by funding an AUD $28.7 million east coast gas development program. The development program will help maintain the future of Australia’s energy supply and reduce costs for gas users.

The 2017-18 Budget also includes AUD $15.3 million in funding, to measure and detect changes across the Australian landscape over time. The Digital Earth Australia program, will enable satellite imagery insights into issues, such as, water availability and drive future growth in remote locations.


Future energy jobs

An AUD $265 million energy package is in the pipeline to ensure Australia maintains a secure, reliable and affordable energy system such as the Snowy Hydro scheme. To expand the project, the government is open to acquiring a larger share or outright ownership of Snowy Hydro.

The measures are hoped to provide Australia with a modern and lower emission future and the government is seeking further hydro-electricity and pumped storage opportunities in Tasmania, South Australia, and Queensland. The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is to examine the best locations to increase the Snowy's capacity and provide pumped hydro storage. Learn more about renewable energy jobs in NSW.



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