What should you look for in your Next employer?

Posted by Design & Construct on 28-Nov-2016 21:55:00

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There’s so much to consider when looking for a job; level of pay, work load, your skill set, experience, commuting time, but most importantly finding the right company for you.  Often, salary and benefits are only part of the equation.

Interviews are a two-way street, it’s an opportunity for the company to know if you are right for them but also for you to find out if they are the right company for you. Ask questions, seek information and weigh up your options.

Here are five qualities to look for in your next employer.



1. Stability

Once people get comfortable with life they generally dislike change. Unless something is causing pain and suffering we like to stick with what we know. Stability gives us a feeling of control for what is in store for us in the future.

There are a few signs of stability to look out for; consistent company performance, low staff turnover and steady benefits are good indicators of a healthy company especially if this stays consistent during poor economic conditions.

Security also goes hand in hand with stability.

People place high importance on being secure in how they provide for themselves and for their family. Does the role offer job security and foster a good work environment?

Companies with hostile work environments and lack of job security can lead to low productivity and poor job satisfaction.



2. Reliability

Some people promise the world and never deliver on those promises. Working for a company that doesn’t deliver on promises or help you achieve your goals,  can often feel like a waste of time.

Time is one of the most important assets in life. We all have a limited supply and doing the best we can with that time is an absolute priority.

Does the company have a history of delivering on promises? How are they achieving their goals? Do they have integrity? Ask questions about this at interview.



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3. Opportunity

Is there an opportunity to make the most of your career? Will you be challenged, be able to make a difference and be part of the special projects? Do your personal goals and the companies’ goals align? 

These are all good questions to ask yourself and your next employer.

For some, opportunity will mean advancing from manager to director to CEO, but for others it will be the opportunity to lead projects and guide the business into the future.

Goals come with a balance. You need to be able to achieve your goals while still hitting targets for the company. Is that balance there? Will you be challenged to be the best you can be?



4. Culture

Does the company invest in a company culture? A company that invests in its culture and its people is a company that understands the importance of a good working environment.

And it is more than just taking employees out to dinner or drinks. Culture is what the company stands fNew employer 2.jpgor and should be in built into the company; an extension of the people within it.

Core values can help develop trust and help you to feel confident that the work you do is valuable to you and the company.



5. Flexibility

Is there understanding and flexibility in your role? Is there a work life balance?

Things can and do go wrong and while it’s unfortunate it is a reality. If needed, is it possible to work from home – are they flexible with being able to make appointments? Does hard work equate to respect?



Next Steps: Redefine Your Search

Don’t just look for work, look for a role that will improve your career, motivate you, make you happy and provide you with more than just money.

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