Why is BIM Knowledge critical in Construction?

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The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC) and the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) this month, released the Building Information Modelling (BIM) Knowledge and Skills Framework.

BIM and Skills Framework for the information age


The BIM Knowledge and Skills Framework is critical in helping the Australian construction industry improve standards and productivity, whilst enabling them to remain globally competitive. Having a productive and profitable building and construction industry is crucial to the economy of Australia, employing one million people and contributing 9% to GDP.


It is estimated that construction spent in Australia in 2016-17, a massive $207 billion, with a reported ‘typical waste of effort’ at 30%. To enable the building sector to thrive efficiently in the future, steps need to be implemented to ensure Australia realises its full strategic potential.


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BIM is seen as a way to develop a Framework of principles which potentially revolutionises the construction sector in Australia, by improving the process of how buildings and infrastructure are designed, constructed and maintained. The Framework include practices and outcomes on which the industry can develop professional development and educational practices to improve project quality, delivery and productivity. See our previous article.





“When the building and construction sector flourishes, so does the economy. That is why it is critical that industry and governments create the conditions that will make our industry competitive and more productive,” APCC Executive Director, Teresa Scott.


The positive impact that the BIM would bring, will ensure that Australia not only builds on its current education and business best practices, but brings a consistent level of expertise by adhering to a national standard. It is estimated that by following the ‘Knowledge and Skills Framework’ productivity would improve by 5% (in the waste) saving $3.1 billion each year.


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