Will robots destroy the construction industry?

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A recent survey found that Australian companies are the least prepared when it comes to the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Australia is not ready for artificial intelligence (AI)


A recent survey found that Australian companies are the least prepared when it comes to the arrival of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. A study was carried out by infosys on 1,600 business across Australia, China, the United States, Germany, France, India and the Uk.


Preparing to use AI

  • 51% are looking at machine learning
  • 60% investing in new IT infrastructure
  • 54% are looking for predictive or prescriptive analysis
  • 53% are developing knowledge

Against using AI

  • 53% believe ethical concerns stop AI from being effective as it can be
  • 43% employee concerns around safety of data
  • 34% believe increased impact on privacy to be among the chief areas to address





Benefits and impact of AI

  • 65% of decision makers believe AI will bring out the best in people
  • 70% feel AI will deliver positive societal change
  • 76% feel AI will deliver positive economic change

Survey findings

  • 25% of companies have already deployed at least one AI solution, with it delivering positive results.
  • 44% of companies plan to deploy database and decision making software
  • A 39% revenue rise is expected by 2020 by using AI


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The survey gives a strong indication that companies are seriously contemplating the use of AI and the survey clearly links the importance of investing in new technology and organisations revenue growth. As corporations and governments invest further in new technologies and infrastructure, such as super-fast broadband, it may be that working from home becomes the future for all white collar workers.

However, we have a way to go before blue-collar employees in the comfort of their home control dangerous and expensive machinery via an iPad? This could only work and put jobs at risk if companies had fully automated intelligent workers and didn’t need to be overseen, but that is unlikely, right?

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